Best Practices


‘Visualizing inside Japan’the dynamics toward the Structural Reform
This site symbolizes voluntary social reform in private organization/region. The user friendly design of the site also makes politics easily comprehensible for the general public.


Tsushinbo Hospital
A free to use site that allows easy access to patients, taking them to various services and departments of the hospital

This site is excellent for teaching mathematics through Edutainment. The site effectively uses elements of playful education through the Internet.


The site incorporates an interesting concept of “Moving magazine”, with stylish articles and slick advertisements.


Digital archives of Japanese senior netizen: created by mellow-club
This is an interactive site for senior netizens that highlights their problems and provides them a forum for handing down the rich cultural ethos of Japan to future generations.


JST Virtual Science Center
The site provides concrete and accurate information on various contents and is excellently designed.


Welcome to i-kimono
An e-auction site that performs the dual role of online business and corporate social responsibility.


Ubiquitous Museum
This project was planned to provide tourists with a new pleasure of sightseeing.

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