BEST practices


Burundi History through images: A CD teaching about history of the Belgian occupation of Burundi.


The only one web site about the Burundian government. It’s the official web site of the government.

E-Business : This web site about CONNECTALL. It’s an enterprise involved in car selling and renting and also in trip booking. The user can buy or rent a car on line. : It’s the web site of INTERBANK, a bank installed in Burundi. The design is nice but the site is not interactive.


The DRUMMERS FROM BURUNDI: An interactive and multimedia CD about the drummers from Burundi. The user can listen to drummer music, or watch a video of drummer playing, and watch a video showing how and when those drums were fabricated.


The Internet Access Center for Youth (PAJE en French) of BYTC organization (

Another Internet Access Center for youth in the ADEN BURUNDI organisation.

College informatique teaching center which belongs to MICROINFORM

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