Title: E-Content:Voices from the Ground Version 1.0
Authors: Osama Manzar & Peter A. Bruck
Pages: 340
Publisher: Digital Empowerment Foundation, India & World Summit Award, Austria
Price: US$20, £10, €15, INR 750

“Keeping the spirit of the Information Society, and visioning the Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations, this book is a small but concrete step towards offering a common platform regarding e-Content practices, infrastructure, and lessons learnt from across countries and continents.”

DATELINE: Dubai, October 17-21, 2003: e-Content “Eminent Experts” from 36 countries gathered to select “40 Best e-Content Practices” out of more than 800 nominations from 136 countries, under the organization of :United Nationa’s Worls Summit Award (WSA) formed under the framework of World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) ,to recognize the best practices in “e-Content & Creativity” from across the world.

An idea was floated to compile a book of e-Content scenario across the globe in various continents, through the voices of 36 Grand Jury members, who gathered in Dubai. Thus the idea conceived by one of the authors of this book, echoed positively by one and all of the jurors.

Prof. Dr. Peter A Bruck, Chairman of WSA, immediately extended all possible, official and personal, support and this book was realized “from storyboard to hardbound” in less than 40 days, to be released in WSIS in Geneva during the Summit on December 9th, 2003.

The whole book was conducted, edited, compiled, proof read and printed in New Delhi by Osama Manzar as the lead author, and his team of Digital Empowerment Foundation. Supported equally by the other team of WSA lead by co-author Dr. Peter Bruck in Salzburg in Austria, thisbook is a result of perfect combination of e-working, and enabling the book in India using its skills and standards of no less than international class.

E-Content is supposed to be the final frontier of all the initiatives from all corners of the world which are working hard to join the Information Society.

Digital Empowerment Foundation of India, together with World Summit Award has taken an initiative to bring upfront various initiatives from across the world, country by country, the efforts which are converting not-so-e-enabled countries’ resources and services into the digital domain for global attention, consumption and economic upliftment.

Although this book has only 30 countries featured, the ultimate target is to cover all 191 countries listed with UN to be here with information about the overview of the e-Content scenario in each of the countries.

At the moment, this book is only partly featured here, we would like to hear from you and would appreciate your support to the foundation by means of buying this book and availing the unique resouce. At the same time, chapters like Acknowledgement, Foreword, Preface, Introduction, and Conclusion are featured in full to be accessed and used.

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