“Today we have technology and we can apply it well”

How would you define e-content in Estonia?

Innovative companies and organizations in all fields use e-content. Most important is the quality of the content, its aim and user friendliness. That is how we would like to define e-content in Estonia


“No Estonian can imagine life without e-banking, e-parking or e-tax office”

What’s the status of e-content in Estonia?

Use of e-content and services based on the content are developing fast in all fields of activities, both public and private sector. No Estonian can imagine life without e-banking, e-parking or e-tax office.

Which area of e-content (e-health, e-biz, e-culture, e-government, e-entertainment, e-learning, e-science, and e-inclusion) is best developed in Estonia?

It would be none other than e-government, e-banking, and e-business.

Which sector (business, private sector, government or civil society) in Estonia is advance in developing e-content?

The banking sector leads the e-content production in Estonia. It could also be believed that banking online is an order of the international phenomenon. But we are happy to be part of the digital banking revolution. One cannot ignore the contributions of the government initiatives which are spearheading the content campaign.

How would you describe the gradual progress of development of e-content in Estonia?
Development in quantity has been rather fast in the beginning of 2000, now it’s been slowed down with main focus on quality.

What major initiatives have influenced the development of e-content in Estonia?

Lazy Estonians added with bad weather and the long desires to be better than your neighbor; that is how we can define ourselves. Everybody is lazy and Estonians are not an exception – so if you have a possibility to do something without going out (where you usually have just another bad sky-weather) and it allows you to be better than your mate, it’s adapted very fast. It is rather ironic in that sense.

High level of education and technical expertise on hand; even in a nation which is very small, mobile, and innovative and all new things are adapted very fast.

Government prioritized ICT in early 90’s. Estonian Telecom build out wired infrastructure, wireless started quietly in the end of 90’s. Once telecom market opened in 2000, there was a boost of companies starting to operate in telecom field applying newest technology.

What are the major bottlenecks in the path of e-content development in Estonia?

Our bottleneck could be explained in these words: Lack of appropriate funding and being too self-centered.

In most countries, especially developing, e-content development is significantly dependent on ICT infrastructure and ICT facilities. But, in some, ICT has become pervasive and e-content development is primarily subjected to the initiatives of an individual/organization/government, etc. What is the situation in Estonia?
As government prioritized ICT in the beginning of 90’s, infrastructure is built out and ICT has become a part of Estonians daily life.

How would you describe the ICT scenario in Estonia in terms of infrastructure, penetration, and policies?

Today we have technology and we can apply it well. Question is in sustainability! Funding for RD is not sufficient in many cases; new development plan for the country is under preparation, coming effective on 2007.

What’s the future of e-content in Estonia?

Public sector continues to develop strongly. Free software makes e-content available to more and more companies in private sector.

Which is the most preferred medium for e-content production in Estonia?
Internet/Web; Mobile/Wireless

How do you recognize and appreciate e-content producers and best practices in Estonia?
Presentation in different events, meetings with ministries and organizations, press release, public and directed call to nominate the products. This year for the WSA nominations from Estonia, we received 8 products in 4 categories.
Market for e-content is on constant rise. Contents and their administration are becoming user-friendlier every year. Funds available for product development are opened to e-content developers as well.

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