Fact file


• Population of the country: 78.6 million(Source: UNFPA, 2002)
• Total number of Internet connections: 2% or 1.6 million (Source: ITU, 2002)
• Total number of Telephone lines: 7 million  (Source:NTC, 2001)
• Total number ofMobile connections/users: 15.2 million(Source: NTC, 2002)
• Total number of PC installations: 1.37 million(Source: IDC, 2002)
• Total number of Educational Institutions: 1,665 public and private Colleges and Universitiesin 2002
• Percentage of the Literate Population: 90%
• Percentage of the Educated Population: Approximately 70%
are college graduates
• Percentage of Youth Population: Approximately 25%

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