“E-business is the best developed area of e-content in Moldova”

How would you define e-content in Moldova?

E-content in Moldova has opened the door to a new way of life, a new culture, heralded with e-*, i-*, m-* symbols (electronic, internet, mobile). Within the globalization of improved Internet access and interchange, the growth of e-content in Moldova has been confined to web-publication, traditional TV-content, and radio broadcast. But the practical application of e-content has been restricted by poor communications, connectivity, infrastructure and lack of cheap and mass Internet access in the field of national data. The concepts of eEurope and ITC/IS are slowly taking shape under UN- and WB- supported projects studies


“The progress of website development in Moldova has increased to quadruple over a period of 4 years, starting 1998”
What’s the status of e-content in Moldova?E-content in Moldova is mostly dependent on Internet resources, television and radio broadcasting. Web art studios in Moldova are well developed (for example, see,, but their potential of attracting customers is low. There are some attempts to organise CD production in art, culture and tourist information in Moldova.

Which area of e-content (e-health, e-biz, e-culture, e-government, e-entertainment, e-learning, e-science, and e-inclusion) is best developed in Moldova?

E-business is the best developed area of e-content in Moldova. Out of a total of 2664 sites, 1174 are concerned with business.

Which sector (business, private sector, government or civil society) in Moldova is advance in developing e-content?

The most advance is the business sector followed by the private sector. Close on its heels follows the entertainment sector. Civil society supported by external philanthropic grants comes next.

How would you describe the gradual progress of development of e-content in Moldova?
The progress of website development in Moldova has increased to quadruple over a period of 4 years, starting 1998. Cable TV, local TV services, local FM radio are relatively fast growing sectors in the urban zone.

What major initiatives have influenced the development of e-content in Moldova?

Projects supported firstly by Soros Foundation Moldova ( created two networks, namely Moldnet (, 1995) and DNT ( in the field of education. NATO Scientific Sector helped the formation of Research and Educational Association of Moldova (RENAM, – the first NGO National Research and Education Network (NREN) in Moldova. The UNDP initiative created a developers’ team called Moldinfonet (, to manage the official site of Moldova (e-gov) The UNDP initiative also created Moldova IS Development research team ( with the goal of helping the government and civil society formulate the WSIS Declaration and Action Plan proposals for WSIS 2005 (Moldova ICT digital divide).

What are the major bottlenecks in the path of e-content development in Moldova?

• Severe rural poverty and high unemployment
• Lack of development strategy for e-government in the Republic of Moldova.
• Lack of legislative basis for governmental document circulation, digital signature as well as e-commerce and e-services.
• Lack of direct budgetary financing for e-learning, e-science, e-health, e-government development.

How would you describe the ICT scenario in Moldova in terms of infrastructure, penetration, and policies?

E-content development in Moldova is largely dependent on ICT infrastructure. The ICT scenario is best described as being a road from chaos to cosmos: a mixture of autonomous and centralized processes.
There are two main government structures responsible for IST development in Moldova:
• The Department of Information Technologies – DIT (
• The Ministry of Transport and Communications – MTC (

What’s the future of e-content in Moldova? 

The future of e-content development in Moldova is promising in Moldova, provided it is fuelled by economical and industrial growth. It seems that the government of Moldova has begun to understand the importance of ICT in building an information society. The movement generated by the preparatory process before the WSIS Summit and the support of UNDP and WB has set into motion processes needed for the creation of modern IT infrastructure for high quality e-content.

Which is the most preferred medium for e-content production in Moldova?

Most preferred medium for e-content development is Internet/Web, with Mobile/Wireless facilities.

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