Pillars of e-content

5 pillars of e-content in Ireland

1   Entrepreneurism: Whether it’s a public or commercial project there needs to be a sense of entrepreneurship to define the vision, objectives and goals for the project. This is most important in public sector projects where a sense of innovation and creativity needs to be ingrained in the project team

2   Expertise: The development of e-content and its supporting technology needs the ensure that right people are used and consulted before developing the solution

3   Commitment: The entire project team need to be fully committed to developing the best e-Content possible and need to follow this through right to ensure that customer service, ongoing management and enhancement of the content is sustained

4   Realism and Managing Budget: Many projects fail because they are far too ambitious and unrealistic objectives are set. Focus on quality not quantity. Every project has a budget, and good e-content can be expensive. Manage expectations and assign adequate funding to the project

5   Audience: Know your audience, evaluate them, profile them and find out what they want

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