Pillars of e-content

5 pillars of e-content in Lebanon

1   BETZ: the Beirut Emerging Technology Zone is a technology park with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facility that will attract ICT companies as well as local and international e-content producers.
2   The e-Government Project: A comprehensive project involving all aspects of government is on the verge to be launched and will set the standard for any governmental applications in the future.
3   SeBIL: the Secure Electronic Banking Information of Lebanon project that will implement a secured infrastructure for all financial transactions between banks, government, business and citizens.
4   E-Culture: The Lebanese Cultural Heritage Project that was launched by associations of the civil society
5   The Telco Regulatory Body: Multiple stake holders in Lebanon are pushing for the creation of a regulatory body to manage the use and cost of telecommunications according to international standards and market demands. This body will help reducing the cost of access to the internet which will reflect positively on e-content production.

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