Pillars of e-content

5 pillars of e-content in Canada

1. Relevant: The most important criteria for best pract6ice would have to be relevance. Works must properly address the underlying needs of the issues and situations that they are aimed at. Relevance implies that a work is well thought out in terms of importance.
2. Meaningful: Not only must a work be relevant to the situation but it also must speak to the audience in understandable language, from an empathic viewpoint, and in the appropriate amount of depth. It is a question of audience.
3. Considered: A work can be considered if it leverages medium specific properties, and is well thought out in terms of use.
4. Accessible: Related to the pillar of ‘considered’ is the question of accessibility. It is singled out here because of its central importance. The issues of accessibility may cal for disseminations of the content in other forms like off-line public forums or print or may demand that the underlying technology (hardware or networks) be extended.
5. Reliable: For any e-content to be effective it must be trustworthy, providing users with confidence in its veracity or authorship and it also must be available at the moment of need.

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