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21. Michael Century remarks that in the “emerging digitally networked society, the creative arts and cultural institutions in general are mutating by forming a constellation of productive relationships with science and technology research system, industry, humanistic and social science scholarship.” This comment is made about Canada’s historical and current affinity with artistic and scientific experimentation in Technology.
22. This is not to diminish how the business boom served industry best practice (and aesthetics) well. It was also during this time that the pan-industrial importance of usability came to the fore-resulting, to a significant extent, on consumer or business needs focused work and mindset.
23. A counter phenomenon is also occurring where TV/ film institutions and production houses are also loosing funds and now look to interactive digital content and asset creation as a means of recouping production costs through new profit channel and funds. (Cinefocus Canada,, is an example of a small, broadcast documentary production company that investing in the conceptualization and production of innovative interactive works.)
24. A good example of interesting web work is the stunning project, A is for Apple (, by David Clark, Chemical Pictures.
25. Vincent John Vincent’s Vivid Group ( takes a deserved leadership position on this ground, creating excellent applications across industry sectors. David Rokeby ( has also created powerful artistic installation and video pieces and several international collaborations. A company to watch is the new company, Simbioz ( ) that is currently experimenting with gesture-based technology applications.


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