“The area of e-content which is most developed within the country is e-business”

How would you define the meaning of e-Content in Togo?

In my country I would define e-content as products which are electronically recorded (eg. Websites/CD/DVD-ROMs). These products bring solutions to facilitate quick and efficient development in areas such as education, health, public sectors, private sectors, science, culture and entertainment

“The most aggressive sector in developing e-content is Business followed by the ITC training schools and University

What’s the status of e-content in Togo?

For the moment, I can say that e-content isn’t all that developed. Though we have the human resources, the lack of low cost PCs, Internet connections, web servers — in other words, infrastructure – is inhibiting the development of e-content.

Which area of e-content (e-health, e-biz, e-culture, e-government, e-entertainment, e-learning, e-science, and e-inclusion) is best developed in Togo?

The area of e-content which is most developed within the country is e-Business (e-biz), followed by ITC (Information Technology & Communication) vocation training schools. E-Business content is mostly developed by IT companies for their customers and students from IT vocational training schools. These products only help them obtain their diplomas at the end of their courses.

Which sector (business, private sector, government or civil society) in Togo is advanced in developing e-content?

The most aggressive sector in developing e-content is Business followed by the ITC training schools and University.

How would you describe the gradual progress of development of e-content in Togo?

The progress of development of e-content in Togo is slow, but sustainable. We are for sure heading towards formidable base for e-content development.

What major initiatives have influenced the development of e-content in Togo?

The major initiatives which influenced the development of e-content were the national contest for the World Summit Award and other awards and events organised by a local private company called C.A.F.E. INFORMATIQUE was the first Internet Services Provider in Togo.

What are the major bottlenecks in the path of e-content development in your country?

• Human resources
• The availability of ITC equipment and servers at low cost to host the productions
• Development of infrastructure, especially the broadband (Internet connection as ADSL or WIFI)
• Amelioration of policies that will encourage the productions
• Sensitisation of public.

In most countries, especially developing, e-content development is significantly dependent on ICT infrastructure and ICT facilities. But, in some, ICT has become pervasive and e-content development is primarily subjected to the initiatives of an individual/organization/government, etc. What is the situation in Togo?

E-Content depends on ICT equipment and infrastructure. But more and more organisations are developing the initiative to promote e-content production in the country e.g. recently C.A.F.E. INFORMATIQUE has organized a VIDEO ON DEMAND Award. This has met with a good response from e-content producers.

How would you describe the ICT scenario in Togo in terms of infrastructure, penetration, and policies?

In Togo, ICT is getting more and more organised. We have two main ISPs and more than 20 distributors, just one fixed phone provider and two mobile phone providers. The mobile phone has achieved very good penetration within the country. The presence of a regulating authority will now ameliorate the “policing” of Internet providers and bring about a definite change for the better.

What’s the future of e-content in Togo?

I think that e-content development will have a bright future in the country in the following years. The mushrooming of several web design training centres and the organisation of awards and events points to this. Now several individuals, organisations and government institutions are beginning to want their own website.

Which is the most preferred medium for e-content production in your country?

The most preferred mediums for e-Contents development are at the moment, the Internet/web, CD/DVD-ROMs, mobile phones and TVs.

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