WSA’s 40 Best Content

World Summit Award

The Best in e-Content and Creativity from around the World

“MAKING EXISTING EXCELLENCE VISIBLE” , that is the goal of the World Summit Award.

What you find here is a selection of 40 outstanding projects from all over the world, which were chosen by the W SA Grand Jury 2003 to exemplify the quality of today‘s multimedia market worldwide.

This selection from over 800 of the world‘s best products offers a comprehensive overview on best practice in e-content and creativity.

A special emphasis in the product evaluation was put on projects, which show the benefits of inform ation and communication technology for the development of communities and help to bridge the growing content gap between developed and developing countries.


Mia Series
Founded in Montreal in 1995, Kutoka Interactive is a developer, producer and publisher of high-quality edutainment software for children. Its mission is to create unique compelling titles for children by finding new ways to marry entertainment and education. Each “Adventure” title contains a story and a quest as well as educational activities wrapped up in a stunning 3D graphic environment and feature-film quality animation

Curriculum Server
Curriculum Server is a series designed for use in schools as supporting material for teachers and students. The site covers three subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics with the material covering the required curricula for Key Stage 4 students (or an equivalent). proj2.htm is the leading National Online learning service for Ireland’s Secondary of High School level students. provides a broad range of rich media curriculum learning resources covering all the major subjects.

Fabasoft eGov-Suite/WBT
Fabasoft eGov-Suite/WBT is a web based (Internet eGov- Explorer) eLearning tool for authorities. The Suite/W BT structure of Fabasoft‘s web based training solution is based on solution areas and use cases, which allows for training under the exactly same circumstances as in the real production system.


EduWave -e-Learning Platform,
EduWave is a comprehensive e-Learning Platform, e-Learning fully developed by Integrated Technology Group, a Platform leading Jordanian IT company. It is an instructional, content and learning management solution that caters for virtually every aspect of the educational cycle.


Art2Life is a web-based interactive timeline of 20th century Canadian art, events and people. It is targeted to students and lifelong learners. Over 2000 primary media assets are presented within the highlighted events of the past, which are organized
by theme and decade.

The Splendid
The Splendid Chinese Culture website is Hong Chinese Kong‘s first and major cultural project which makes Culture use of information technology while being in line Website with the local education reform. This interactive e-learning program comprises 18 series
with a total of 200 topics.

Ours ( is a website dedicated to the promotion and valuation of Chile’s identity and cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. Its navigation logic and contents are designed to create and maintain an active community.

FACES, Romane’s stones
This CD-Rom hopes to put into perspective a Romane’s contemporary visual and poetic interpretation of stones Romanesque figures, like a communal choreography combining the sight, the written and spoken word and music.

Living Heritage
Living Heritage provides young people of New Zealand with the means to share with the world the unique stories of their local region, communities, events and families.


Public Library
PLoS Biology is a high profile open access of Science multidisciplinary scientific journal. It published (PLoS) original research articles across all fields of biology as well as synopses intended for the lay reader and other material aimed at making science and the
scientific process more accessible.–prof1.htm

Space Weather Aerie
DVIN for ASEC (Data Visualization interactive Weather Network for Aragats Space Environmental Center) Aerie is a product for the access and analysis the on-line data from Solar Monitors located at high altitude research station on Mt. Aragats in Armenia.

Science Matrix
ScienceMatrix is an innovative way to present complex scientific concepts anywhere, anytime to anybody.


Blue World
Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation carries out the scientific research of bottlenose dolphins through its Adriatic Dolphin Project as well as the research of marine turtles, the creation of first marine protected area dedicated to dolphins, the sustainable development of the islands and the establishment of interpretation and education centre.

Agricultural Expert System in China
The main idea of this project is to establish Expert agricultural extension networks based on System in information technology. China Ministry of Science and Technology invested about 100 millionRMB to support the research and application of agricultural expert systems (AES) from 1990 to 2003.


Qatar eGovernment Project
Qatar e-Government Project aims to deliver on-eGovernment line government services to the citizens, residents and business sector of Qatar,as well as to attract potential tourists to Qatar.

e-Government Gateway
(National Electronic System)
The Romanian Government Gateway was developed in order to facilitate the offering of Government services to citizens and businesses and allow them to interact electronically with the Rimanian Government

IRS website
Internet as an instrument of integration between tax authorities and taxpayers.

Ministry of Commerce
This is an online portal that has been designed and developed for the Ministry of Commerce, Kingdom of Bahrain. The site caters to the Ministry‘s needs for the web presence and serves as an additional delivery channel for its online customers.

Easy Procedures
It is a website implemented as a practical way of putting the Government to the citizens‘ service. It presents information of the procedures that citizens must carry out with the public institutions.


TeleDoc: Sustainable Healthcare for Rural India
Teledoc uses leading-edge communication technology to bring high-quality healthcare directly to rural villages. Using the Teledoc Mobile INformation System, village-based healthcare workers record and transmit diagnostic data to doctors at a central clinic who diagnose illnesses and prescribe medicines for rural patients.

Telepresence communication and Surgery facility
This is an innovative solution that uses a 20 metre long, 39 tonne mobile operating theatre with video communications that travels around New Zealand on a five week cycle, providing low-risk elective day surgery using local and reginal healtcare professional in New Zealand’s smallest

Argonaute 3D
In partnership with France Telecom R&D, IRCAD has set up Argonaute 3D, an experimental platform form through which several distant medical professional (GP, radiologist, surgeon, etc) can analyze and work together in real time on a 3D image of a medical case to be studied, obtained from a CT or MR-scan of a patient.

Doc@Home telecare
DOC@HOME service uses a low-cost and easy to use data collection unit (DCU) that has been designed considering the nees of the typical home care population. The device includes rudimentary ECG capability for arrhythmia detection.

Health On the Net Foundation
Health On the Net Foundation (HON) supports both doctor and patient as well as a citizen using the medical Internet, by opening access to all pertinent information and ensuring greater autonomy, critical to intelligent decision making.


Abe Books
Abebooks is the world’s largest online marketplace for used, rare, and out-of-print books with over 45 million books and over 11,000 booksellers.

Hostel World
Hostelworld’s core business is booking youth hostels and comparable accommodation in 145 countries worldwide. Using proprietary online booking technology, they achieve
this through theri websites, through the properties website.and through relationships with a range of travel websites.
Tejari is the Middle East’s premier online business-to-business marketplace. Tejari enables buyers and sellers to transact and share information about a variety of goods and services via a secured Internet environment.

INTERSPORT Rent a ski Webportal
This website presents an online reservation system for all kinds of sking equipment. It has 3 basic features. The first one is the advanced booking application with online payment via credit cards.

tires direct
The website presents ECommerce Shop sellimng tyres and related products throughout Europe with special feature, such as extended search functions, delivery options (e.g. to mounting partner garages), etc.


TimeHunt is an online Treasure Hunt, on the theme of Time, Science and Renaissance Thought. The site features over 100 interactive puzzles and games arranged in the fom of a Solar System, many of them contributed by leading scientists, artists, authors and thinkers. the site revolves around the story of Michael Poverus, a little-known alchemist and philosopher of the 16th century, and his Machina Universalis, a device for answering all the possible questions in the universe.

Tropical America
Tropical America is an online game that uses the new world of video games to a complelling past through ajourney to unravel the mysteries of the Americas. Developed in collaboration with Los Angeles artists, teachers, writers and high school students,the game features a bilingual, thematic gameplay, accompanied by an online database of educational resource materials, source texts and imagery.

Habbo Hotel
Habbo Hotel is an online gaming environment for teenagers. It’s a place where teens can meet up to play games and develop their self expression. Habbo Hotel provies a safe, rich and postive gaming environment, but its the teens themselves who write the script. As ‘Habbos’ they create their own character, room and virtual worl, by interacting and playing with other. Current Habbos: 8,8 million Unique players, over 980000 monthly (september 2003)

Morning Sunshine is a Flash entertainment site with over 40 mini-games

A destiny
Jun E is an interactive teaching material that uses graphics produced by the Access to Billingual Education project to strengthen the cultural identity of the Mayans in an entertaining learning enviornment. It is designed especially for first through third graders in rural Mayan Schools.


Infocentros Association/Project
Association Infocentros (Al) contributes to the development of El Salvador by enabling people’s acces to Internet Technologies and by facilitating the generation, publication, and exchange of information

n-Longue Communications
Chartered to connect all villages in India, TeNe T group of IIT Madras recently took an initiative to set up a company, n-Longue Communications Pvt. Ltd. with a charter to provide and operate telecomand Internet services in small towns and rural areas of India.

Time to Market
A Senegalese company, Manobi has developed the T2M, a system that enables producers as well as exporters and public regulatroy agency to use their mobile telephone, a PDA or Internet in order to know in real time (i) the price and arrival status of their products at the markets, and (ii)
the availability of these products in the producation sites.

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
WOUGNET is an NGo initiated in May 2000 to develop the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) among women as tools to share information and issues collectively.

Big Hart
The project Nuff Stuff explores the use of emerging visual languages- ( New Media Skills), as a method of re-engaging marginalised young people in education and encouraging re-entry into the education system.

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